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during the pandemic, taste of redland and its partners raised over $132,000 to support the adopt-a-box program DESIGNED TO FEED FAMILIES IN NEED.

OUR GROUP WAS AWARDED A $1,875,000 CONTRACT to partner with the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program to provide 12,500 twenty-pound boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables for 6 weeks to the South Florida community, distributed through non-profit groups, government entities, food banks, and community and faith-based organizations.

We are grateful for the wonderful support of our customers and everyone in South Florida wishing to support our local Redland farms. While our regular box delivery program and special programs on the farm remain on hold, we hope to continue our work in helping to feed families who are still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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Our group encompasses More than 2200 acres of beautiful farmland and works with over 250 farms annually.
We take pride in featuring Redland-Raised and Fresh from Florida produce.

Please support your local grocery store, farmers markets and restaurants that use local Redland-Raised and Fresh From Florida Produce. Ask their managers to carry your favorite items and make sure they are locally grown. Look for the TASTE OF REDLAND label when you're shopping at your favorite store.


"A preeminent component to sustainable agriculture is maintaining the viability of farmers. In this time of retail consolidation, heavy regulation and intense foreign competition from free trade agreements, the viability of all farms, regardless of size, is in jeopardy. Redland Raised provides opportunity, for those consumers that care about the source of their food, to make informed and educated decisions on what to purchase." 

— Charles LaPradd, Agriculture Manager Miami-Dade County

Are you a locavore? Join the movement and make it local!


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