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Please join Taste of Redland for our first dinner on the farm with celebrity chefs Cindy Hutson and Allen Susser for a very special evening. The South Florida Symphony Orchestra will present "Opera That Pops" featuring some of their stars from Porgy and Bess as well as vocals from FGO-Florida Grand Opera and PBO-Palm Beach Opera. The Symphony will play Arias from Porgy and Bess, Carmen, Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, Magic Flute and Don Giovanni and music from some of the most popular musicals. The South Florida Symphony will be playing with a full 50-piece orchestra led with the masterful baton of Maestra Sebrina Maria Alfonso.

“I’m proud to be producing the Taste of Redland Culinary Program and bringing attention to the farms of Redland.

Are you a LOCAVORE?!”

—Steven Haas, Architect of Miami Spice


Tickets for each event: $150 per person / $1000 for a table of 8 (limited space, GET TICKETS EARLY!) 

NOVEMBER HARVEST DINNER Saturday, November 17, 2018 -- Takoda Farmstead & TILT Farms Event: 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Featuring a special performance by The South Florida Symphony with their full 50 piece orchestra!

DECEMBER HARVEST BRUNCH Sunday, December 16, 2018—Patch of Heaven Sanctuary Event: 12:00pm4:00pm
JANUARY HARVEST DINNER Saturday, January 12, 2019—Takoda Farmstead & TILT Farms Event: 6:00pm – 11:00pm
FEBRUARY ROMANTIC HARVEST BRUNCH Sunday, February 10, 2019—Patch of Heaven Sanctuary Event: 12:00pm4:00pm
MARCH HARVEST DINNER Saturday, March 16, 2019—Takoda Farmstead and TILT Farms Event: 7:00pm11:00pm
APRIL HARVEST EASTER BRUNCH Sunday, April 21, 2019—Patch of Heaven Sanctuary Event: 12:00pm4:00pm
MAY HARVEST MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH Sunday, May 12, 2019—Patch of Heaven Sanctuary Event: 12:00pm4:00pm
JUNE HARVEST DINNER Saturday,  June 8, 2019—Takoda Farmstead and TILT Farms Event: 7:00pm11:00pm

From November 2018 to June 2019, the Taste of Redland Locavore Dinner/Brunch Series will feature Miami Spice chefs, as well as your favorite chefs from Palm Beach to Key West, and will take place directly on the farms of Redland at some of the most visually stunning venues in the world. The series will take place monthly and will feature a variety of local in-season fruits and vegetables, along with selections of seafood, poultry and meats. Invited chefs will build their exciting menus around the seasonal selections that will be fresh-picked from local farms just prior to each dinner, for a true Farm-to-Table experience.

These one-of-a-kind outdoor culinary events in the fields and on the farms of Redland will feature luxurious outdoor open-air kitchens with teams preparing your meals right in front of your tables with Redland-Raised fresh-from-the-garden produce, exotic local treats and your favorite proteins. These straight-from-the-vine culinary experiences will include your meal, wine pairing options and even optional boxes of the same fresh-picked produce used in the menus to take home with you. Each event will feature spectacular live music while you get a chance first hand to learn about the Miami Locavore Movement, meet the local farms and farmers of Redland and the chefs that make it all happen--all while supporting your local farming community.

This wonderful dinner/brunch series will be produced by some of South Florida's finest and dedicated community leaders in the culinary and event world that have spent decades bringing needed attention to areas of Miami-Dade County just before they became the some of the most revered neighborhoods. We are proud to have the dedicated help of Steve Haas, Suzanne Pallot, Louis Canales and the support of legendary chefs as part of the Taste of Redland team that will help produce this very special dinner/brunch series. We are also honored to have the support of many of the pioneers and leaders in Redland that have worked tirelessly to make the community all it is today. The entire Taste of Redland team is humbled to be part of such a vibrant and exciting time in Redland.

It’s all about celebrating the bounty of fruits and vegetables, the beauty of the farms and the amazing land in the Redland area. From cascading waterfalls to one of the world’s largest Banyan trees, the settings of your dining experiences each month will be memorable and like no other! Redland is full of wonderful surprises that you never imagined would be part of your South Florida journey. It is more important than ever that we support our local farming community in South Florida, so we hope you'll visit us to get a real Taste of Redland and aid in our effort to get the word out about the Miami Locavore Movement.

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Flying over the Lychee Grove at Takoda Farmstead in the heart of Redland

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