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Award-winning master chef Vincent Gourmet—whose deep understanding of the culinary arts & design garnered him a prize from the prestigious Euro-Toques organization founded by Chef Paul Bocuse in Europe—joins the Taste of Redland team to share his culinary prowess with South Florida’s Locavore community. 

Chef Vincent will lead his team at the new 32’ mobile Locavore Kitchen at TILT Farms to present his creative menus each weekend, and for all events produced by Taste of Redland, that feature our own free-roaming, grass-fed and grass-finished Florida-raised Longhorn beef from our Live Oak farm in north Florida, along with innovative creations made with 100% fresh-picked local fruits and vegetables, local fresh eggs, fresh-caught local seafood and homemade breads.

The Belgium native, whose real name is Vincent Gourmet, has won over the palates of many around the world, with his traditional techniques infused with some unlikely ingredients. Vincent is passionate about culinary innovation, contributing original combinations and cutting-edge culinary trends to menus for all occasions. He likes to push the boundaries of flavor and creativity, which results in delicious and unique taste experiences for any event.

From the careful addition of flavorful edible flowers, to molecular gastronomy, Vincent likes to surprise the diner, and there are few limits to his quest for subtle and intriguing flavors. "What you see isn't always what you experience, so our goal is to make the impossible possible on the largest stages."

Vincent descends from a family with a history in the culinary arts. Being raised around his pastry chef grandfather with his own bakery and farm in Belgium was definitely a formative experience for him. This gives Vincent amazing insight on how to work with locally grown produce, natural free roaming grass-fed farm-raised beef and all farm fresh products. Self-taught in the field of cuisine, he discovered an innate talent for food creation with the use of local products.

"Chef Vincent Gourmet has really mastered the use of fresh ingredients from Florida. He spends time on the farms and in the fields to really understand the essence of what we grow, and how to use it to create the best healthy cuisine and flavor profiles with his unparalleled culinary skills. You really have to taste it to believe it," states Michael Huter, Founder of Taste of Redland. 

Gourmet studied engineering in Belgium, majoring in restaurant Design. In 2000, he moved to Marbella, Spain where he started a company designing restaurants and equipment; soon after, he bought a restaurant, and thus began a new chapter of his life. During his years in Marbella, Vincent was a regular guest on TV cooking shows and in the press. In 2012, Vincent arrived in Miami where he soon joined the team of a large, very successful catering company as executive chef. In 2017, with all of Chef Gourmet's experience, creativity and imagination, he began his own company. In 2019, the legendary Caron Cole and Suzanne Pallot connected all the teams together with Taste of Redland to create an event team powerhouse specializing in local farm-to-table productions. Award-winning master chef Vincent Gourmet's team continues to push the limits of his culinary world to share healthy, innovative, locally-inspired cuisine with all of South Florida.

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