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$30 Season Sampler 10lb Box - July 2019

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JULY 2018 Seasonal Sampler 8-10lb Box of Redland-Raised Dragon Fruit, Mango, Avocado, Lime and Longan


This JULY 2018 Seasonal Sampler 10lb Box contains Redland-Raised Dragon Fruit, Redland-Raised Avocado, Redland-Raised Rare Mangoes, a sample of Redland-Raised Longan and a few Redland-Raised Persian Limes--all for only $30 with free next-day delivery if you live in South Florida and free two-day delivery if you live in the rest of the state of Florida. If you are a visitor to Florida we also offer free delivery directly to your hotel room!

Each month Taste of Redland will feature a Seasonal Sampler Box with a special price so you can truly get a Taste of Redland!

A few Suggestions for your July Seasonal Sampler Box

One idea...You can cut up each item in this special box, place it in a bowl and make an exotic salad like none other!

- Cube Dragon Fruit, Mango, Avocado

- Remove flesh from Longan

- Juice Limes and add with your favorite oil (try some of our lychee honey with it!)

- Add salt and pepper

- Garnish with edible orchids and fresh picked basil leaves


Cut this exotic White or Red Flesh Dragon Fruit in half and place in freezer for 30 minutes. Remove from freezer and drizzle honey on Dragon Fruit. Use a spoon to scoop out and enjoy a Taste of Redland that you will never forget!


These late season rare variety of mangoes have a range of flavors from slightly tart to super sweet. The ones in your box are ready to eat when you feel the firm flesh becoming slightly soft and the color of the skin becomes more colorful. We suggest reading an amazing book by our very own South Florida Chef Allen Susser "The Great Mango Book." Click Here to get a copy. You can also meet Chef Allen in person at the Annual South Beach Mango Festival on August 5th at Lummus Park on 12th and Ocean Drive. We are a sponsor for the event and will be on location with a variety of mangoes, and other seasonal items to enjoy. Click Here for more info on the Mango Fest!


This locally harvested Lychee Honey comes from the heart of Redland and is a real treat. Try it as a healthy substitute in your morning coffee, on your cereal or drizzle on just about anything you prepare. You will be shocked at how it fuses with the flavors you have prepared and makes it a one-of-a-kind special preparation that is sure to please your palate!


Believe it or not these limes are grown right here in Redland. These luscious Persian Limes are bright, aromatic and full of juice--not dry like many others from different regions. Mix Lime Juice with Lychee Honey, add some salt and pepper, and you have the perfect Summer Dressing or Marinade.


This exotic Asian tropical fruit grows quite well in Redland. Enjoy the mildly sweet, aromatic flavor with a hint of tangy spice by just peeling and eating--also great to add to any dish for an exotic twist on flavor. For salad garnish or in dishes, peel the outer skin, then cut in the middle of the fruit with a knife until the knife touches the seed, and pull away halves to use and discard seed.


Cut them in half, remove the pit, add some lime, salt and pepper--then enjoy!

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