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$35 Seasonal Sampler 8-10lb Box - August 2019

AUGUST 2019 Seasonal Sampler 8-10lb Box of Fresh From Florida Dragon Fruit, Sapodilla, Avocado, Mamey and Limes

August 2019 8-10lb Seasonal Sampler Box

Dragon Fruit, Sapodilla, Avocado, Mamey and Limes

This AUGUST 2018 Seasonal Sampler 8-10lb Box contains Fresh From Florida Dragon Fruit, Sapodilla, Avocado, Mamey and a few Limes--all for only $35 with free next-day delivery if you live in South Florida and free two-day delivery if you live in the rest of the state of Florida. If you are a visitor to Florida we also offer free delivery directly to your hotel room!

Each month Taste of Redland will feature a Seasonal Sampler Box with a special price so you can truly get a Taste of Redland!

White-Flesh Dragon Fruit

White-flesh dragon fruit is very attractive and has a mildly sweet taste with a wonderful texture similar to that of a kiwi fruit. The dragon fruit also known as pitaya or pitahaya is the fruit of several cactus species indigenous to the Americas."Pitaya" usually refers to fruit of the genus Stenocereus, while "pitahaya" or "dragon fruit" refers to fruit of the genus Hylocereus. Just cut in half and eat with a spoon, delicious with drizzled honey.

Redland-Raised Sapodilla

The fruit has an exceptionally sweet, malty flavor. Though when unripe they are hard to the touch and contain high amounts of saponin, which has astringent properties similar to tannin, drying out the mouth. You can tell they are ripe when they become soft to the touch, usually taking 4 to 10 days till they are ready to enjoy.

Redland-Raised Limes
Yep, this juicy bright beautiful lime is grown right here in Redland. Available year round.

Redland-Raised Avocado (West Indian)
Avocado varieties are classified in three groups, known as West Indian, Guatemalan and Mexican.West Indian avocados originated in the tropical lowland areas of southern Mexico and Central America, the Guatemalan and Mexican avocados originated in mid-altitude highlands in Guatemala and Mexico. Different varieties available from late May to March. Make sure you wait until your avocados are ripe. You can tell when you squeeze it and the skin is no longer firm, but rather soft to the touch. If you cut it open early it will be rubbery and have a bitter taste—be patient and remember it is fresh picked so takes a few days to ripen.

Redland-Raised Mamey
A unique, tropical tree fruit with an interior texture that is both creamy and sweet, the vibrant salmon-colored flesh of the ‘Pantin’ mamey sapote is unlike anything most people have ever tasted. The flavor is a combination of sweet potato and pumpkin with undertones of almond, chocolate, honey, and vanilla. Ripe when soft.

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