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Passion Fruit (Out of Stock)

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3-3.5lb Box of Redland-Raised Passion Fruit (10-15 pieces)


Passion Fruit is a vine species of passion flower that is native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Its common names include Passiflora edulis, passionfruit, and purple granadill. Passion Fruit is definitely an egg-shaped exotic fruit with old and wrinkly purple-brown skin attaching flesh-covered seeds. The pulp of passion fruit is golden yellow and intensely aromatic flavor ranges from sweet-tart to very tart. The flesh is generally delicious as well as sweet and savory. The Passion Fruit seeds can be consumed raw as well as provide a nice crunch when eaten with the fruit pulp. The seeds deliver an abundance of nutritional and health benefits ranging from antioxidant protection to the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular and intestinal systems. Fresh Passion Fruit is high in vitamin C, Fiber, and Vitamin B.

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