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Supporting the Community

As part of Taste of Redland’s community outreach, the Locavore Dinner & Brunch program will serve as a platform to bring awareness and raise funds in various ways for different parts of the community.

Taste of Redland is working to help support and bring awareness to Redland Ahead, which manages the Redland Community Farm & Market at Verde, as one of the local farms sourced for the Locavore Dinner & Brunch program. Redland Ahead is a nonprofit company formed to work in unison with FIU, to provide support to FIU’s Agro-Ecology program in South Florida and assist in training underserved populations and Veterans to become farmers and explore careers in Agri-business. Redland Ahead's efforts are led by John Mills, a 30-year US Army veteran serving 3 combat tours. Beginning in December, Taste of Redland will offer Redland Ahead's organic and conventional products in season to their customers to support the group's efforts and the locavore movement in South Florida. Operations Manager, Tyra Phillips, is excited to be working with Taste of Redland.  “It is important to develop new relationships that assist the small farmer/business to showcase their product throughout South Florida. Our objective is to "Build Hope from the Ground Up" to sustain the Redland as an instrumental player in the food security of our nation.  We envision that Taste of Redland can be pivotal in highlighting agritourism of Redland."

Taste of Redland will be donating a portion of ticket sales to support upcoming projects at Miami-Dade County’s Redland Fruit and Spice Park, a 37-acre subtropical paradise nestled in the heart of the historic Redland community. Surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical agriculture, the park is a jewel in South Florida’s agricultural community, with more than 500 varieties of exotic fruits, herbs, spices and nuts from around the world. The park is the perfect backdrop to learn about being a locavore and all that grows in Miami-Dade County. Jim Stribling, Director of the park, states, “The mission of Taste of Redland fits perfectly with our purpose: to educate and inform those near and far about the unique are and agriculture of Redland. We are very fortunate to have the support of this excellent organization as we work towards a common goal.”

The Locavore brunches will be held at Patch of Heaven Sanctuary, a 20-acre tropical hammock that includes several structures built by the Matheson family in 1964. The non-profit sanctuary has a strong commitment to preserving forests and wildlife, as well as the integrity of the historic structures located on the property. Taste of Redland is helping to bring awareness to their efforts and supporting their adopt-a-tree program to help reforest a 5-acre portion of the property. "We are thrilled that Taste of Redland has decided to assist us in our efforts to educate our local community on the importance of protecting and expanding the forest," stated Fred Hubbard, Director of Patch of Heaven Sanctuary.

Taste of Redland will be working with the University of Miami to create edible landscapes by donating and planting several species of fruit trees raised in Redland. The trees will serve as an educational tool for students to learn about what is grown locally and the locavore movement sweeping Miami. “UM is excited to be part of Taste of Redland’s initiative to create a new generation of locavores by educating students with edible landscapes about what is grown locally and on our campus Arboretum,” stated Son Vo, University of Miami.

Taste of Redland is looking to help bring further awareness to just a few of Baptist Health South Florida’s wellness initiatives. The Grow2Heal program at Homestead Hospital features a community garden adjacent to the hospital that was created to develop an organic – and sustainable – garden as a way to offer the community fresh, nutritious foods with a far-reaching impact by offering educational programs and classes about the garden and the benefits of a healthy diet. In 2019 Homestead Hospital plans to open an indoor Farmer’s Market to encourage employees and patients to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables. “Our wellness initiative is very much a part of our not-for-profit mission – to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in the communities we serve – and we take this responsibility seriously,” says Homestead Hospital CEO Bill Duquette. “While we realize that an organic farm on hospital grounds is uncommon, good health is based on preventive care, an active lifestyle, fresh foods, and a little bit of creativity.”

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